Monday, December 3, 2007

You were born into a reactive world...

You were born into a reactive world, an eye for an eye world filled with fear, uncertainty and doubt. Of course you weren't aware of this. It was just the way things were. You were born with a strong Ego to protect you, as well as a strong Passion and Purpose with which to guide your life here on earth. Like all humans, you came as a contribution to our species. You were born with a unique message to express in the world. And as you read this you know it's true.

As might be expected, your parents were already trained in the ways of the world. They began to teach you how to protect yourself from your surroundings and what not to do in this world to get along. "Don't do this" and Don't do that!" they said. You learned not to trust strangers; how to always be wary on on your guard.

Your teachers, mentors and society in general continued your instruction in self-defense and reinforced your Ego time and time again. After all, anyone can be a child molester, a terrorist.

You were also instructed about who to be as well. "Be a good girl or boy, be a lady or gentleman guided your mother. "Be a hard worker, be strong and take it like a man!" said your father. "Be like George Washington and never tell a lie" said your teachers. "Take on the seven habits of highly successful people," said you boss.

Yet no one has ever addressed that part of you called Purpose and Passion, and so it lay dormant, while your Ego became stronger, more dominant and powerful. You developed the Ego mask called (just insert your name here!)

You're probably become adept at saving the project, saving the sale, saving the client or saving the day. People call you a leader, but in reality you are really a master of reaction, capable of handling anything your world can throw at you. You find yourself out front fighting to win, to survive.

Every once in a while, however, you have a nagging sense that there is something more, some reason for your success, but you never stop to question it because there is always the next hill to take. You unconsciously wield your Ego as a sword, because in your current world view, everything looks like an enemy to be conquered.

There is a more Powerful way to engage the world. And it's already inside.

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