Monday, December 3, 2007

Don't believe a word I say...

We have all seen so much in our careers that doesn't work. Promises that are never kept. Programs that fail to deliver. Social contracts that are routinely broken. We've become a workplace of skeptics where bosses are regarded as idiots and employees helpless and hopeless. (The Dilbert myth) Employees roll their eyes whenever management brings out yet another program to "fix those people!" And so they should. Because most of the programs are doomed to failure before they are even begun. They address the wrong things and are simply wrong headed. And, even when they do work -- usually through some super human effort --management will ignore the results or take actions that effectively cut the meaning out of the program.

So don't believe a word you read in this blog. Question everything. It's time.

Because what we have now -- our businesses, our lives, our country -- is not sustainable unless we begin doing what's really important. We have been living a lie. Yet I believe everyone --managers, employees, CEOs -- all of us go to work to do a good job, but something gets in the way. No matter what, something steals the meaning from us. Steals the joy and power and potential from all of us. So,what do you think it is? I have my theory. I call it the surprise factor.

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