Monday, December 3, 2007

Look in the mirror..

Look in the mirror and what do you see?

Your body. Handsome or beautiful as it may be.

And what don't you see?

You don't see all the thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams and fears. You don't see the hard won experience, the unique abilities, the values, learned behaviors and limiting beliefs. You don't see the real you. And neither can anyone else.

Now take this to another dimension.

Imagine a family member, a friend, an employee or an entire organization in front of you.

What do you see?

This is the beginning point of a new business discipline. I call it CEOing. In the past CEO stood for Chief Executive Officer. It implies knowing it all. You don't. In this new context, CEO stands for Creating Extraordinary Organizations. It's an inquiry. There is no "one answer" to anything. The key skill you will need to create an extraordinary life or organization will be the ability to make the invisible visible - for both yourself and others.

So, as you look into the mirror, who are you, really?

I promise you, you are amazing, and you are here to change the world for the better in your life time. The adventure is in finding out, without any doubt, who you really are. And once you do, helping others do the same.

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