Saturday, December 20, 2008

A New Horizon

Day 365. We have reached yet another horizon. What lies on the other side of the horizon is always a mystery, but we will all eventually get there. In the old days the maps and sea charts were marked with the admonition "There be Monsters Here". Of course we now know there are none. That we can see, anyway. With storms the sea gets churned up and with it, much comes to the surface. With our current economic crisis much is coming to the surface. Like no one really knows what to do. Yet we rush to again put laws and regulations on the books after the fact. Again with the control. Again with punishing the wrong people. Again creating a cynical and frightened community.

From where I sit this is nothing new. But there can be a different outcome. There can be a new awareness of what has been missing, the presence of which can make all the difference? What really works? What really matters?

The next leg of our journey will require more than just this one lonely boat, it will require an armada of like minded sailors going in the same direction toward the promise of a new land. An armada that can leverage the strength of the one into the power of many.

Look around. Who can you leverage? And who can leverage you?

See you on the other side.

Sail on.