Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moving into Flow

Today is day 115. The past few days have been amazing. After weeks of slow progress the wind finally shifted and moving us rapidly toward our destination. I finally feel like we're in the flow, rather than continuing to buck strong currents and errant winds.

Three days ago, while I was bobbing around waiting for my situation to change, I had the good fortune to attend a meeting of international entrepreneurs. I met people from Canada, Indonesia, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, India and Pakistan.

At a time when our governments are stuck catering to local selfish interests, we are facing global threats so dire that it's going to take something beyond politics as usual to solve. It's going to take people with Courage and Character. I believe I met many of them at the meeting.

Living in California, I am used to being on the cutting, if not bleeding, edge of things, at least in the United States. Trends tend to begin in the West and travel East. But what I've seen and experienced is that we really have to travel further west than California to fully experience what is to come. You have to travel to Asia, where many have learned from the west and are now combining what they have learned with the power and wisdom of their own ancient Asian heritage, to give us a new possibility. All for one and one for all has taken on a new vitality. The men and women entrepreneurs I met have both a social conscience and a deep desire to co-create solutions that benefit more than just their own companies.

The West is transferring wealth to the Asia at the rate of one billion dollars a week. This has been going on for at least twenty years. We in the U.S. are, according to many, broke and Spiritually exhausted, but just don't know it yet.

We must invent a new way of being in the world if we are to be happy. You notice I didn't say "to be the leader of the free world" or to "remain the most powerful military power on earth" or the "richest nation on earth". We have been all of those things, but it is time for us to transcend them and become something even more compelling to the rest of the world. We are entering an exciting time. We are going to have a revolution - of Spirit.

We have entered a period of uncertainty that some say will make the great depression look like a mild recession. Yet I believe we are ever so much more prepared to not only survive it, but to actually thrive because of it. You see, there must be a paradigm shift and, unfortunately, those only seem to happen in times of stress and threat. We are heading for a time of breakthroughs in health care, education, government, business, the environment and family. To get to them, however, we will have to pass through a period of great turmoil, of breakdown. It's happened before and will happen again. We can handle it.

I finally know, with every fibre in my being, what's next for me and why I was directed to co-create a Global Enterprise. I didn't know it at the time, but I co-created a global Vision with my wife Frances over 15 years ago. Looking back from today, I can see that we have been in intensive training to deliver on our Vision.

"A World that Works because Business Works."

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and CEOs create extraordinary organizations in 90 days or less. The kind of enterprises you and I would be passionate to work for and happy to invest in because they give us the opportunty to be fully self expressed while we change the world for the better in our life time.

Today is day 115. Now that I know where I am going and why, there is much to do to make it happen by day 365. If you want to help me do it, give me a call.

Sail on.

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