Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 15 - Out to Sea

In my last post, as we headed out to open sea, I asked you to answer 3 questions to help you chart your destination - your Vision of the future for 2008. I heard from many of you and I am inspired about the challenges you’re taking on.

In return, here's my business Vision: A World that Works because Business Works. This is big, but you know what, it inspires me and pulls me forward. It calls me to be bold!

As a first step toward realizing my Vision I know I MUST transition from a solo Practice to a Global Enterprise. I cannot get there alone. And, while I am totally committed to this outcome, I have no idea how to get there.

The first rule of accelerated success is to find someone who has already done at least part of what you want to do and learn from them. So, on January 6th, I flew to Denver, Colorado to be trained as a CEO Board Facilitator and Coach for The Alternative Board.

The Alternative Board (R) is an international provider of peer advisory and coaching solutions to leaders of privately held companies. In other words, TAB has already mastered much of what I want to do.

What did I learn in just 7 days? Well, I learned how they built their organization, I learned how they market to, engage and train CEOs, Presidents and Owners, and I learned one way to successfully build an enterprise. I also learned that these are amazing people, and discovered an opportunity for a strategic alliance.

What's more, I met fellow participants who are former senior executives in both the automotive and defense industries who are just as passionate about changing the workplace as I am. They are natural allies on my quest.

So where do we begin, you and I, when we're sailing uncharted waters? The first step is to seek out some old salts that have sailed those waters themselves. Go sailing with them. Listen to their tales. Benefit from their wisdom. Learn from their mistakes. Nine times out of ten they will gladly teach you what they know.

Today is Day 15. Do you know where you are going? Make sure you’re clear on your destination. Focus and take action in alignment with your Vision. Next week, onward, through the fog.

Yours on the Journey,

Tom Voccola

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